We are passionate about taking care of our clients

With DeLei Ventures you can enhance your resources, without actually having to add the people.  We provide accounting, strategic planning, leadership training, and more.

First, we evaluate the needs of your organization, and then we establish goals and targets. Next we come up with strategies to implement to reach those goals and targets.

Denise Nembhard belives flat organizational structures are typical with non-profits

“We like to consider ourselves a way to enhance your resources, without actually having to add the people,”

Our Calling

DeLei Ventures was started to provide help to organizations that cannot afford the larger, more expensive consultants, yet need the resources to continue their missions and visions.

Our history

Our Core Values

At the center of our company are our core values. It defines our identity, it’s how important decisions are made and what drives us towards success.


We believe in being there for our clients, providing up-to-date information and practical experience


We believe in the upmost privacy for each of our clients and their organizational information


We believe in developing positive working relationships with each clients’ in-house staff


We believe in being ethical and legally sound in everything we do both for our clients and ourselves.